NYC Street Photography in Manhattan

NYC Street Photography

New York Hot Dog Stand

This is a New York Street Photography print by Daniel A. Norman. This image is of a man and his Hot Dog business in midtown Manhattan.  It’s fascinating to see New Yorker’s of all walks of life find common ground on the streets of  New York and in Brooklyn.

The streets of New York even have a distinct smell like the smell of Pretzels and Honey Roasted Peanuts. The street food in NYC ranges from Hot Dogs, to waffles, to full plates of Halal chicken and rice. Some of this street food in NYC is better than restaurant food. These Hot Dog vendors offer a quick, cheap meal and make a great subject for  NYC Street Photography.

NYC Street Photography of street vendors

When working on Street Photography of New York, you’ll notice  Hot Dog Vendors billowing with smoke. The smoke from the shish-kabob and pretzel stands add a special element to the image. This particular image is of a Hot Dog vendor who wrapped up for the day. The man is transporting his cart in the middle of the street, competing with the insane NYC traffic.

These street vendors provide countless opportunities for a NYC Street Photographer to work on his or her craft. The movement of life within the city combines with the movement of an portable business is displayed in this photo. You can find these small portable businesses around NYC. Some are food stands, food trucks, booths selling generic NYC photography or small independent artist selling their creations. The owners transport their entire business around the city on a daily basis. There are small coffee booths that are out setting up before sunrise and packing up in the early afternoon. These business are part of what makes New York City a dynamic place. You see some of these types of businesses in Brooklyn, especially Downtown Brooklyn, but not as much as you see in Manhattan.

Included in the “New Yorker” Exhibition

This NYC Street Photography image was included in the “New Yorker” Exhibition at the Istanbul Photography Museum in Turkey and at Gallery Kara in Ankara, Turkey. The exhibition was curated by Rana Solaker and was sponsored by Press and Culture Department of the United States Embassy and Fatih Municipality.

Daniel A. Norman

Daniel A. Norman (born 1980) is a visual artist and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Daniel is currently working on a New York Street Photography project. Daniel's work is held in corporate and private collections and has been exhibited internationally.

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